For our Customers

CBD started as a digital marketplace out of the wish to give people a reliable place to buy CBD, and cannabis products. It is now a single online destination for all things cannabis that offers consumers an experience—from discovering a product to learning about it to finding different ways of using it.

Discovering a Product

With our intuitive AI-powdered search, easy-to-navigate menu, and robust recommendation engine, customers can discover different  CBD, and cannabis products—for humans and pets. Each category is neatly divided into relevant subcategories that allow consumers to browse one or more products of their liking.

Learning about a Product

Our blog, The Wonder Resource, is an extensive resource of well-researched, in-depth, and referenced articles that helps customers learn about the uses and benefits of cannabis products as well as the brands behind them. From calculating CBD dosages to understanding how prescriptions work for medical cannabis in India, consumers can find answers to every question.